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Understanding Youth Drug & Alcohol Use

Alcohol and Anti-depressants

Understanding what to tell a young person who is on antidepressants and wants to have alcohol. ...

Understanding Youth Drug & Alcohol Use

How does ice work? (for dummies)

Ice is one form of methamphetamine. Using ice causes a surge in brain chemicals called neurotransmitters that are vital to the normal healthy function of the human brain with each responsible for regulating different functions....

Understanding Youth Drug & Alcohol Use

Is it the power of ice that causes all the problems?

Ice is an insidious drug that causes addiction, ruins lives and wreaks havoc in the community. This is one of the dominant messages in the ongoing public discussion about ice. But is it the case?...

Understanding Youth Drug & Alcohol Use

Why do young people develop AOD problems?

Understanding pathways into problematic drug or alcohol use promotes an empathetic approach to supporting young people....

Understanding Youth Drug & Alcohol Use

When is AOD use considered a problem for adolescents?

Disagreement about whether or not a young person has an AOD problem is common. Moving towards a shared understand of what is problematic helps workers collaborate and work more closely with with each other, young people and their supporters...

Understanding Youth Drug & Alcohol Use

What influences youth AOD use?

Supporting a young person to reduce the harms related to their drug and alcohol use requires an understanding of the factors that influence use....

Understanding Youth Drug & Alcohol Use

Different patterns of drug use

Understanding that there are many different patterns of drug use is crucial to understanding how best to support a young person....

Understanding Youth Drug & Alcohol Use

Tailoring support options to need

The needs of young people should determine the type and level of support they receive. This article groups young people needing AOD treatment based on common needs and suggests appropriate support for each....

Understanding Youth Drug & Alcohol Use

Understanding young people’s AOD support needs

Understanding substance use alone won’t fully reveal a young person’s AOD support needs.This article introduces a framework to best understand the needs of young people with AOD related problems....


Is it true that you can get hooked after one try?

There are lots of big statements made about drugs and alcohol. While some substances are ...

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